Glan Polarizer

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Glan Polarizer

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Glan-Taylor polarizer Fuzhou Mei Yang photoelectric Limited company can provide various types of polarizer: Glenn Taylor, Glen prism laser prism, Rochon prism, Thompson Glan prism, prism, La Stone, high through the Glen laser prism. Materials are mainly of calcite, quartz, such as a-BBO, YVO4, band coverage from the ultraviolet to the infrared.
Glan-Taylor Polarizer Glan Taylor prism
Glan-Laser Polarizer grand laser prism
Glan-Thompson Polarizer Glan Thompson prism
Rochon Polarizer Rochon prism
Wollaston Polarizer, La Stone prism
YVO4a-BBO quartz material of Iceland
The use of band 500-4000nm350-2300nm220-3000nm200-2300nm
Lattice parameter ( single) positive crystal
No = Na = Nb, NE = NC negative crystal
No = Na = Nb, NE = NC negative crystal
No = Na = Nb, NE = NC positive crystal
No = Na = Nb, NE = NC
Mohs hardness of 534.57
Expansion coefficient AA = 4.43x10-6/ K
AC =11.37x10-6/ K AA =24.39x10-6/ K
AC =5.68x10-6/ K AA =4x10-6/ K
AC =36x10-6/ K AA =6.2x10-6/ K
AC =10.7x10-6/ K
Deliquescence low low low low
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