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Mini Garden

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Can flowers series, use the idea of cultivating flowers at creative modern times, put the seed into can packing, produce by batch the industrialized assembly line, overcome various kinds of unfavourable factors of traditional culture, introduce the culture new technology, new idea, is it have soil culture to recommend, develop for seed, fertilizer, nutrition medium, spend pot, etc. Dissolve for packing culture to be products can product novel and unique, beautiful and exquisite while being whole integrative, it is simple and convenient to operate. Want to cultivate flowers, so long as open the cover and water! And its special-purpose nutrition medium has loose characteristics with light unit weight, has good water drainage nature, ventilative and water-retaining property; The seed adopts the high-quality, energetic beans seed which enable improved germination percentage, the fertilizer with environmental protection for flower. The ones that have guaranteed the products even more are high-quality feasible.

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