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Common Wheelchair
Electric Wheelchair
Lie-on Wheelchair
Magnetism Wheelchair
High-backrest Table Wheelchair
High-backrest Bedpan Wheelchair
Low Backrest and Table Wheelchair ...
Nearly 60 kinds of plant (herbs) extract.

In high quality and good prices.
Desk-type Magnifier
Illuminated Magnifier
Double-light Magnifier
Active Handle Magnifier
Presbyopic Glasses
Box-pack Presbyopic Glasses
Pencil-vase Presbyopic ...
Neck Retractor
Neck Treat Machine
Healthcare Pillow
Depress Pillow
Inflatable Pillow
Rhinitis Pillow
Sleeping Pillow
Electric Neck Treatment
Neck Drawing Chair ...
Far Infrared Rays Magnetic Health-care Bra, Bactericidal Sanitarian Briefs, Magnetic Health-care Pillow, Far Infrared Rays (Magnetic) Health-care Drawers, Socks, Hat, Plaster, ...
Essential Balm, Essential Embrocation, Medicated Oil, Menthol Cream, uiversal Oil, Inhaler etc.
Multi-functional Nursing Bed
Hernia Support
Artificial Limb
Correctional Set
Aptitude Depress Cuff
Heating Vest
Heating Feather Vest
Family-use Healthcare Kit
First Aid Kit ...
Introduction of Hot Wheatpack
Hot Wheat series are special helpful for body pains caused by moist, cold, sports injury or blood circulation problem, such as Arthritis, Migraines, ...
FOB Price: US $35 / Piece
Introduction of Hot Wheat:
Hot Wheat Is One of The Best Products for Pains of Muscle, Body and Arthritis. It Is Invented After Years of High-Tech Research, Using High Quality ...
Heating Pad (Adhesive Type)

Open the outer package when use.
Remove the inner pouch from the outer package. To activate contents in air without shaking. Peel ...
FOB Price: US $0.19 / Piece
Min. Order: 100 Boxes
Nature Wooden Massager
Electric Massager
Animal-like Massager
Foot Massager
Double Functions Massager
Healthcare Hammer
Wooden Massage Rings
Deluxe Massage Hammer
Massage ...
- Disposable acupuncture needles

- Yuan li needlesbermal needles

- 3-edged needles

- Auricular needles

- Acupuncture instrument set

- Moxa roll

- Acupuncture ...
We provide:
Dental equipment, x-ray machine, Microscope, medical models, shadowless, operation lamp, centrifuge, ophthalmoscope, glass slides, sterilizer, wheel chair, walking ...
We provide:

Clinical thermometers for oral use, Clinical thermometers for rectal use

Clinical thermometers for rectal use, dual scale clinical thermometers for oral use
- Latex examination gloves
- Latex finger cots
- Latex surgical gloves
- Condoms
- Latex urine drops
- Latex blood transfusion tube
- Feeding tube
- Latex foley catheter
- ...
- Breast reliever

- Latex nipples

- Silica rubber nile

- Latex urine bags

- Vaginal dilator

- Rectal tube

- Latex housework gloves

- Rubber industry gloves
Acupuncture Needles
All-size disposable Needles
Acupuncture Needles Set
Acupuncture Instrument Set
Three-edge Needle
Herbal Treat Cupping
Vacuum Cupping
Magnetism Treat ...
The electric pedicure, which developed recently with special functions, has resolved the difficult problem successfully that using metal reamer to clear up foot pad without any ...
Mobile Walker
Two-wheel Walker Seat
Glide Walker
Roll Walker
Deluxe Walker
Step-on Walker
Foot Rehab Exercise Device
Full-closed Commode
Deluxe Commode
Chamber Pot
Male/Female Closed Urine Pot
Adult Diaper Pants
Urine Wet Reminder
Closed Urine Collect Pants
Facility ...
Three-foot Cane
Four-foot Cane
Aluminum Alloy Flex Cane
Aluminum Alloy Folding Cane
Folding Flashlight Travel Cane
Sword inside Cane
Stool Cane
Umbrella Cane
Mahlstick ...
Hearing-aid Series:
Box style Audiphone
Ear-hung Audiphone
Ear-insert Audiphone
High-power Audiphone
Audiphone Fittings

Oxygen Supply:
Healthcare Oxygen Machine
Oxygen ...
- Absorbent cotton gauze
- Soft gauze roll
- Anaesthetic green gauze sponges (swabs)
- Absorbent cutting gauze sponges
- Absorbent gauze sponges (swabs)
- X-ray detectable ...
- X-ray detectable laparatomy sponges with blue loop

- operation room towels (o.R. Towels)

- cooton filled dental sponges

- cotton buds, cotton swabs (applicator)

- ...