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Compact in colume
Low energy consumtion
Soft-line door
High freezing capability
- Elegant mini-unit
- Full plastic-made door panel
- Specially designed for ladies to store cosmetics with long storage period
- Also suitable for keeping some special ...
- Flush back design (except WBR-50A)
- CFC-Free
- Soft-line and reversible door Compact in colume
- Invisible door handle(except WBR-50A)
- Pre-coated steel(WBR-50E)
- Soft-line and reversible door(WBR-80H)
- CFC-Free
- Invisible door handle(except WBR-80A)
- Compact in colume
- Flush back design(except WBR-80A)
- Low energy consumption
- CFC-Free
- With a can store set
- Soft-line and reversible door
- Updated technology,evaperator fixed before foaming,energy saving
- Rational configuration helps resonable ...
- CFC-Free
- Invisible door handle
- Slide out shelves
- Optional with crisper(WBR-120H)
- 20 liter freezer inside Soft-line and reversible door
- Pre-coated steel(WBR-120E) ...
- Elegant appearnce, economical
- Special design for single consumers or small families
- Quick refrigeration, negligible noice
- Round corner arc door with invisible door ...
- Compact size,elegant appearance, econmical and practial performance
- Having advantages of both single and double door regrigerators
- Round corner arc door with invisible door ...
Double glass door
Movable strage shelves
Plated stainless steel door frame
External temperature setting
Specially designed for distinctive people, suitable for ...

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