Bci, Ocs, Gots, Grs, Rcs, RDS, Rws Certification

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Bci, Ocs, Gots, Grs, Rcs, RDS, Rws Certification

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Introduction to garment textile BCI, OCS, GOTS, GRS, RCS, RDS, RWS certification, what are the differences between them?
Bci-switzerland Better Cotton Initiative, six production principles
1. Minimize harmful effects on crop protection measures
2. Efficient water use and protection of water resources
3. Pay attention to soil health
4. Protect the natural habitat
5. Care and protect the fiber quality
Advocate decent work
OCS certification - organic content standards
The organic content standard (OCS) can be applied to all non-food products containing 5% to 100% organic materials.This standard can be used to verify the content of organic materials in final products.It can be used to trace the raw material from the source to the final product and is certified by a trusted third party organization.In the process of evaluating the organic content of products completely independently, the standards will adhere to transparency and consistency.This standard can be used as a business tool between companies to help companies ensure that the products they buy or pay for meet their requirements.
Certification: non-food products produced from approved organic materials.
Scope of certification: OCS product production management
Product requirements: contains more than 5% of the ingredients that meet the approved organic standards
GOTS certification - global organic textile standards
Global organic textile certification standard (GOTS) the main definition is to ensure that the textile organic state requirements, including the harvest of raw materials, production of environmental and social responsibility, and identification, in order to ensure that consumers for the product information.
This standard provides for the processing, manufacture, packaging, labelling, import and export and distribution of organic textiles.The final products may include, but are not limited to, fiber products, yarns, fabrics, clothing and household textiles. This standard is concerned only with mandatory requirements.
Certification: textiles made from organic natural fibers
Scope of certification: GOTs product production management, environmental protection and social responsibility
Product requirements: contains 70% organic natural fiber, do not allow the blended, containing up to 10% of synthetic or regenerated fiber (sports can contain up to 25% of synthetic or regenerated fiber), no genetically modified fiber.
GRS certification - global standard for textile and apparel recycling
In response to brands and retailers, the strong demand for environmental protection textiles, certifying authority management alliance first textile and garment global recovery standards (GRS), to ensure that by producing greater supply chain procurement transparency.
Management alliance said MarkProse, director of the certificate authority, standards for the global recovery is a response to the increasing demand of textile industry, support their recyclable materials production environmental protection product, the pillar of this standard is to track - and - tracking system, for textile factories and brands of components required to support recycling products.
Management association says, for track - and - tracking system, they will use a deal proof system, instead of a virtual online system, because not everyone in the supply chain are willing to expose cost or any secrets.
According to GRS, the recycled materials used for textile use will be subject to standards already announced by the scientific certification system (SCS).
In addition to raw material specifications, this standard also includes environmental processing standards.It includes stringent waste water treatment requirements and the use of chemicals (according to the global organic textile standards (GOTS) and oeko-tex100.
Social responsibility is also included in the GRS to ensure the health and safety of workers, support workers' rights to work, and comply with standards set by the international Labour organization (ILO).
RCS certification - recovery declaration standard
Similar to the GRS standard, certification ranges from 5% to 100% recycled materials, with no environmental or social responsibility requirements.Low - grade version of GRS.
RDS humanitarian responsible feather standard
RDS Responsible Down Standard
The humanitarian feather standard is a Certification program jointly developed by The North Face, a unit of VF group, and Control Union Certification, a textile exchange and third-party Certification authority.The project was officially launched in January 2014 and the first certificate was issued in June of the same year.During the development of the certification project, the issuing party and its leading suppliers Allied Feather & Down and Downlite jointly analyzed and verified that every link in the Feather supply chain met the standards.
The feather of the goose, duck and other birds in the food industry is one of the best quality and performance of the feather clothing materials.But animal rights groups are concerned about issues such as live removal of hair and forced feeding.The humane eiderdown standard is designed to assess and track any source of eider-based tableland materials, creating a production-marketing regulatory chain from gosling to end products.
Brands and retailers that have recently pledged to adopt humane down standards and have recently joined the ranks include:
EddieBauer, H&M, HellyHansen, Mammut, Marmot and OutdoorResearch.
RWS standard - responsible wool, belong to a newly launched a special certification from sheep ranch, wool spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, garment processing, processing the process standards, less current certification.
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