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Purifier (1)

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Stock marine separator which are suitable for following makers & engine models for sale:
Recondition units (in stock)
(1). ALFA-LAVAL. FOPX610TFD-24-60 6 set WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m WEIGHT EX. MOTOR: 1070kg
(2). ALFA-LAVAL. FOPX613 2 set WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700r/m
(3). ALFA-LAVAL. MAPX205 2 set WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m, REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m, 400kg. With control box: Type, OR, 440V, 9.8A, 5.5KW, serial No. 71417, 22kg, 1977-12
(4). ALFA-LAVAL. MAPX207SGT-24-50 1set MANUFACTURING NO. 2929719, WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1420-1500r/m, REVOLUTION COUNTER118-125r/m, 850kg
(5). ALFA-LAVAL. MOPX205TGT-24 1set Serial No/ Year: 4130370/ 2004 Product No: 881034-01-09 Machine top part: 540216-87 Bowl: 540148-84 Machine bottom part: 540224-10 Max. Speed(bowl): 7607r/min Speed motor shaft: 1500r/min El. Current frequency: 50Hz Recommended motor power: 4KW Max. Denst
(7). ALFA-LAVAL. MOPX207SGT1 1set 60HZ WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m 850kg
(8). ALFA-LAVAL. MOPX209TGT-24-60 5set 60HZ WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m, with Motor.
(9). ALFA-LAVAL. MOPX210TGT-14-60 4set MANUFACTURING NO: 2990233 WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m 1110kg
(10). ALFA-LAVAL. MOPX310TGT-24-60 4 set WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m, 13KW, 1507RPM, 1050KG
(11). ALFA-LAVAL. P610 3 set Manufacfuring serial No/ Year: 4134457; 4134468'4134469/ 2005 Product No: 881100-04-01 Inlet and outlet: 561313-01 Bowl: 561137-01 Machine bottom part: 565390-01 Max. Speed(bowl): 9512r/min(50Hz)9307r/min(60Hz) Speed motor shaft: 3000r/min(50Hz)3600r/min(6
(12). ALFA-LAVAL. S300 1 set 3600r/mIN, 60HZ, 7.5KW
(13). ALFA-LAVAL. S821 4 set Serial No/ year: 4135718, 4135719; 4135720; 4135721/ 2005 Product No: 881201-05-01 Inlet and outlet: 574261-01 Bowl: 564214-02 Machine bottom part: 564504-01 Belt driving device: 565455-01 Designation: PX UFT-21 Speed motor shaft: 3000r/min El. Current freq
(14). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX407TGD-24-50 1 set MANUFACTURING NO: 4070093WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1420-1500r/mREVOLUTION COUNTER: 118-125r/m1993 tachometer: 12
(15). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX407TGD-24-60 1 set MANUFACTURING NO: 4023723 WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800r/m REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150r/m WEIGHT EX. MOTOR: 1120kg PRODUCT NO: 881062-01-01 MACHINE TOP PART NO: 544117-01 SEPARTOR BOWL NO: 544118-04 MACHINE BOTTOM PART NO: 540225-12
(16). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX410TGD-24-50 1 set 50HZ, MANUFACTURING NO: 4050016WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1420-1500 REVOLUTION COUNTER: 113-125 With control box
(17). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX505 1 set serial No. 2971131, 1700-1800r/m, 142-150r/m
(18). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX505 1 set With control box, 60HZ IPC231CWHPX505-TGT-24-60-HZMANUFACTURING NO: 2998642WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150
(19). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX508 1set 4006118, 881028-02-04.589945-80, 542424-01, 548048-08
(20). ALFA-LAVAL. WHPX508TGD-24-60 2set With control box, 880128-02-03 MANUFACTURING NO: 2996639 WORM WHEEL SHAFT: 1700-1800 tachometer: 741 REVOLUTION COUNTER: 142-150
Address: Rm803-806, Zhuzong Blog. Daode Str. Sun-City, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China
Business Type: Trading Company, Other
Business Range: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Transportation
Company Introduction: Qinhuangdao Sino-Ocean Marine Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd is devoted to supplying marine equipment and spare parts for ocean-going ships and coastal ships. Our company supplies equipment and spare parts for main, auxiliary, turbocharger, Air compressor, Purifier, Governor, water pump, air conditioner, refrigeration machinery and deck machinery, etc.

At meanwhile, we also have a factory for reconditioning and reparing. we have a big warehouse which has a lot of second hand parts, they are in good condition.
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