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8-digits battery calculator, overturn cover, euro-converter, w/color box
W/factory standard color box. 200pcs/ctn
G.W./CTN: 14.2kgs/ctn, 48x33.5x25cm/ctn
8 digits battery calculator
W/calendar, pen holder, alarm clock
W/factory standard color box
G.W./CTN: 15.8kgs/ctn
8-digits, battery, wooden case, w/worldtime calendar, alarm clock.
W/factory standard color box, 60pcs/ctn
G.W./CTN: 25kgs/ctn, 44x36x49cm/ctn.
8-digits, battery, worldtime, calendar, touch-screen, alarm clock
W/factory standard color box.
G.W./CTN: 12kgs, 42x33.5x42.5cm/ctn.
8 digits
Digital calendar
Alarm clock
World time
With or w/o euro-converter
W/factory standard color box
G.W./CTN: 17kgs/ctn ...
8-digits, battery, double press up calculator, worldtime, calendar, alarm clock
W/factory standard color box, 100pcs/ctn
G.W./CTN: 12.5kgs/ctn, 50.5x26.5x19cm/ctn
Transparent cover
W/8-digits battery calculator, ball-pen, 5 countries language pages
W/factory standard color box
5 inches: 100pcs/ctn, 68x28x37 cm/ctn
7 inches: 50pcs/ctn, ...
PVC/PU/leather cover portfolio with or without calculator.
A4 size.
It′s good for office, business, gifts, promotional.
Packing: poly bag & factory standard color box.
20 ...
8-digits, double screen, euro-converter, battery calculator.
Gift calculator, with calendar, radio, worldtime, alarm clock, w/factory standard color box.
8-digits battery calculator ball-pen
Mini 8-digits battery calculator w/mirror & keychain, accutron
40 sets/ctn
G.W./CTN: 6.12kgs
Meas./ctn: 43x38x37cm
8-digits battery calculator, accutron & pen
40 sets/ctn
G.W./CTN: 5.55kgs
Meas./ctn: 43x38x35cm
8-digits battery calculator silver-color
Mini keychain battery calculator w/time display, pen
60 sets/ctn
G.W./CTN: 7.38kgs
Meas./ctn: 43x38x38.5cm
8-digits battery calculator w/time display & keychain, accutron, pen
40 sets/ctn
G.W./CTN: 7.59kgs
Meas./ctn: 43x38x37cm
Cheque card size
8-digits battery
Solar mini calculator
Single or double screen
W/without euro-converter
500 pcs/ctn
G.W./CTN: 19.5kgs
Meas./ctn: 63x38.5x27cm
8-digits battery calculator
W/rate conversion
Front & back screen
With sound, keychain, solid or transparent color
Battery calculatory
With ruler, world time, calendar, alarm clock
150 pcs/ctn
G.W./CTN: 20pcs/ctn
Meas./ctn: 43x32x31cm
8-digits battery roll calculator, pen holder, easy storage.
G.W./CTN: 16.5kgs
Meas.: 54x44x20cm/ctn
Packing: factory standard color box
8-Digits, battery power, automatic press-up for a better view angle. Soft rubber border feels comfortable in the hand, easy to fix on the table, avoid sliding.
With solid or ...
8-Digits battery/dual power, automatic tilt-top motion for a better view angle. Big screen and digits
Packing: factory standard color box.
G.W./CTN: 10.5kgs ...
8-digits battery power mobile calculator, big screen, pull-back cover
Packing: factory standard color box.
G.W./CTN: 6kgs
Meas./ctn: 45.5x28.5x15.5cm
8-digits battery power calculator, automatic flip-over motion for a better view angle
Creative 360º designed body
Packing: factory standard color box.
100pcs/ctn ...
8-Digits battery calculator, automatic press-up
Packing: factory standard color box.
G.W./CTN: 10.5kgs
MEAS./CTN: 36.5x33x23.5cm

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