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Properties: Grey irregular powder. It can oxidize easily in the moist air.
Usage: Used as adhesion agents of hard alloy and magnetic materials.
Packing: Vacuum packing, 1kg net ...
Chemical Formula: Co2O3CoO
Properties: Black or steel grey powder
Usage: Used for ceramics, enamel, paint, pigment and other applications.
Specification: The physical and ...
Chemical Formula: CoSO47H2O
Properties: Pink to red crystal, soluble in water, but slightly soluble in alcohol and methanol.
Usage: Frit, electroplating and paint ...
Chemical Formula: CoC2O42H2O
Properties: Light pink powder, turning black when heated.
Usage: Used for hard alloy products
Specification: Its physical and chemical index ...
Chemical Formula: CuSO45H2O
properties: Blue transparent crystal, poisonous. It will effloresce gradually in the air.
Usage: Insecticides, mordant, antiseptic, bio-chemical ...
Chemical Formula: LiCoO2
properties: Grey black
Usage: Lithium ion battery
Specification: Its physical and chemical index should be up to the following standards( Enterprise ...

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