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Mica Tape for motor

1, Type: 5438-1, 5440-1, 446-1
Mica tape for motor is made of mica paper, with epoxy resin and backed with glass cloth on both sides. Good flexibility and ...
Polyimide Film
Type: 6051
Good heat resistance, low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, electric and mechanic, as well as excellent quality of chemical resistance and ...
Polyester film for electrical insulation
Type: 6020
Electrical insulation polyester film is manufactured by polyethylene terephthalate to be extruded and stretched by double ...
Phenolic paper laminated sheet
Type: 3020, 3021 series
Higher dielectric property, thermal grade E, high electric strength under oil, applying widely to electric generators, ...
Epoxy woven glass fabric laminated rod
Epoxy glass cloth laminated rod
Type: 3840
High mechanical performance and dielectric property under dry or moist condition, suitable for ...
Phenolic cloth laminated sheet
Type: 3025, 3026 series
High mechanical performance, oil resistance and poor dielectric property with thermal grade: E glass

3025 series, fit ...
Phenolic cloth laminated rod
Type: 3721, 3723, 3725 series
High mechanical performance and poor dielectric property, widely using as insulating parts for electric equipments. ...
Epoxy woven glass fabric laminated sheet
Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet
Type: 3240 series
Higher mechanical performance, water resistance, thermal resistance, stable ...
Mica plate, alkyd glass flexible mica plate and silicone mica plate.

Type, 5131, 5230, 5150, 5250, 5535.

1, 5131 mica plate, alkyd glass flexible mica plate. It is usually ...

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