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Technology reference
Type DXDK-30(fine)
Bag size Long 55-110mm Width 30-80mm
Packing speed 50-100Bag/minute
Measuring range 5-40ml
Measures: ± 3%
Seal way three ...
Detailed parameter
Type DXDF30Powder Packaging Machine
Bag size Long 55-110mm Width 30-80mm
Packing speed 30-60Bag/minute
Measuring range 5-40ml
Measures ± 3% ...
Technology reference
Type DXDB30Paste-state Packaging Machine
Bag size Long 50-110mm Width 30-80mm
Packing speed 40-75Bag/minute
Measuring range 5-30ml
Measures ± ...
Product intrudction
Function: Complete system bag, measurement, backfill automatically, seals gathers, divides cuts, counting and so on, certainly does not have the ...
Main Functions and Technical Specification
The structure is compact, the performance is stable, the operation is simple. The high sensitivity light electric eye control track, ...
Detailed parameter
Type DXDK300Pillow Type Automatic Packaging
Bag size Long 50-180mm Width 40-150mm
Packing speed 20-60Bag/minute
Measuring range 50-300ml 300-1000ml ...
Technical reference

Type: DXDK-1000A
Bag length: 80-300mm
Bag width: 20-200mm
Max. Width of roll film: 420mm
Packing speed: 5-60Bags/min
Measuring range: 150-1200ml ...
Detailed parameter

Type: DXDDC10Automatic Tea-bag Packing Machine
Bag size Length: 50-80mm Width: 45-65mm
Packing speed: 28-55Bags/min
Measuring range: 5-15ml
Measures: ...
Detailed parameter
Type: DXD. P-40
Bag size Length: 55-110mm Width 30-80mm
Packing speed: 20-50 Bags/min
Measuring range: 1-100pill
Measures: -2/100
Seal way
Power ...
Main performance and unique feature:
The entire computer control, the frequency conversion adjustment, the high sensitivity light eye track, various seals temperature independent ...

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