Fungicide Carbendazim (98%TC, 50%SC, 50%WP)

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Fungicide Carbendazim (98%TC, 50%SC, 50%WP)

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Product NameCarbendazim
Specification98%TC, 50%SC, 50%WP
Chemical NameN-(benzimidazoly-2) methyl carbanate
CAS No10605-21-7
Empirical FormulaC9H9N3O2
ToxicityAcute oral LD50 to mice is more than 10000mg/kg. Dermal LD50 more than 2000 mg/kg
ApplicationSystemic fungicide. Controls wide range of Ascomycetes, fungi Imperfecti, numerous Basidiomycetes on cereals, cotton, fruits, grapes, bananas, ornamentals, plantation crops, sugar beets, soybeans, tobacco, turf, vegetables, mushrooms, other crops, under most climatic conditions all over the world.
Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbed through the roots and green tissues, with translocation acropetally. Control of Septoria, Fusarium, Erysiphe and Pseudocercosporella in cereals; Sclerotinia, Alternaria and Cylindrosporium in oilseed rape; Cercospora and Erysiphe in sugar beet; Uncinula and Botrytis in grapes; Cladosporium and Botrytis in tomatoes; Venturia and Podosphaera in pome fruit and Monilia and Sclerotinia in stone fruit. Application rates vary from 120-600 g/ha, depending on crop. A seed treatment (0.6-0.8 g/kg) will control Tilletia, Ustilago, Fusarium and Septoria in cereals and Rhizoctonia in cotton. Also shows activity against storage diseases of fruit as a dip (0.3-0.5 g/l)

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