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Fpd Sputtering Target

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(CNM could provide high quality target material for the field of electrical and semiconductor devices, flat panel display, architectural and automotive glass, thin film solar cell, magnetic storage, instrument, decorate thin film, etc. )

High purity metal sputtering target material (3N-6N):
Aluminum target(Al), chromium target(Cr), copper target(Cu), nickel target(Ni), silicon target(Si), germanium target(Ge), niobium target(Nb), titanium target(Ti), indium target(In), silver target(AG), tin target(Sn), graphite target, tantalum target(Ta), molybdenum target(Mo), gold target(Au), hafnium target(Hf), manganese target(Mn), zirconium target(Zr), magnesium target(Mg), zinc target(Zn), lead target(Pb), iridium target(IR), yttrium target(Y), cerium target(CE), lanthanum target(La), ytterbium target(Yb), gadolinium target(Gd), platinum target(PT), etc.

High density ceramic target (3N-5N):
ITO target, AZO target, IGZO target, magnesium oxide target(MGO), yttrium oxide target(Y2O3), iron oxide target(Fe2O3), nickel oxide target(Ni2O3), chromium oxide target(Cr2O3), zinc oxide target(ZnO), zinc sulfide target(ZnS), cadmium sulfide target(CDS), molybdenum disulfide target(MOS2), silicon dioxide target(SiO2), silicon monoxide target(SiO), zirconium dioxide target(ZrO2), niobium pentoxide target(Nb2O5), titanium dioxide(TiO2), hafnium oxide target(HfO2), titanium boride target(TiB2), zirconium diboride target(ZrB2), tungstic oxide target(WO3), aluminum oxide target(Al2O3), tantalum pentoxide target(Ta2O5), magnesium fluoride target(MgF2), zinc selenide target(ZnSe), aluminum nitride target(AlN), silicon nitride target(SiN), boron nitride target(BN), titanium nitride target(TiN), silicon carbide target(SiC), lithium niobate target(LiNbO3), praseodymium titanate target(PrTiO3), barium titanate target(BaTiO3), lanthanum titanate target(LaTiO3), and so on.

Note: The ceramic target produced in CNM adopts the most advanced ceramic production technology_inert gas protection hot isostatic pressing sintering technology, the relative density is grater than 95-99%. In addition, CNM could provide with the metalizing process of the target and unbounded services.
High purity alloy sputtering target: Nickel-vanadium alloy target(Ni-V), nickel-chromium target(Ni-Cr), titanium-aluminum alloy target(Ti-Al), silicon-aluminum alloy target(Si-Al), copper-indium alloy target(Cu-In), copper-gallium alloy target(Cu-Ga), copper-indium-gallium alloy target(Cu-In-Ga), copper-indium-gallium-selenium alloy target(Cu-In-Ga-Se), stainless steel target, zinc-aluminum alloy target(Zn-Al), tungsten-titanium alloy target(W-Ti), iron-cobalt alloy target(Fe-Co), etc.

Note: CNM product high purity alloy sputtering target: Tiny grain size number (150-60um), high relative density (99-99.9%), high purity (99.9-99.999%).
In addition, CNM provides with the metalizing process of the target materials and unbounded services.
Name specification   Purity Packing Remark
Aluminum powder 0.2-75µ m 2N-4N 50g, 100g, 500g Specification could be customized according to demanded
Aluminum target Round target, plate target, tube target 3N-6M 1pc/vacuumize
Aluminum sheet 200*250*0.1-1.0mm 3N-6M 50g, 100g, 500g
Aluminum evaporation material 10*10*1mm. Φ 2*10mm 3N-6M 50g, 100g, 500g
Φ 3*6mm. Φ 6*6mm
Aluminum wire Φ 0.1-5mm 3N-6M 50g, 100g, 500g
Aluminum oxide for coating materials 1-3, 3-5mm crtstal granule 3N-4N 50g, 100g, 500g Specification could be customized according to demanded.
Alumiun oxide target Round target, flat target 3N-4N 1pc/vacuumized
Aluminum oxide powder 0.7-100µ m 3N-4N 50g, 100g, 500g
Nanometer aluminum oxide 20-100nm 3N-4N 50g, 100g, 500g
Nanometer aluminum nitride 20-100nm 99-99.99% 50g, 100g, 500g Customized 
coated aluminum nitride 1-3mm 99-99.99% 1pc/vacuumize
Aluminum nitride target Round target, palte target 99.9-99.99% 50g, 100g, 500g
Aluminum nitride powder 10µ m 99.9-99.99% 50g, 100g, 500g
Coating materials aluminum fluoride 1-5mm ceramic granule 1-5mm 50g, 100g, 500g Customized 
Aluminum fluoride 10µ m 3N-4N 1pc/vacuumize
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