Corrugated Furnace Shapping Machine

Corrugated Furnace Shapping Machine

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I. Overview of the product:
1. Model and name of the product:
L6000 Corrugated Furnace Shaping Machine
2. Scope of application and general information of the product:
The corrugated furnace machine is the special machine used to process corrugated combustion chamber of the boiler. After improved continuously by our company with many years' experience, the machine is easy to be operated with low failure rate and easy access to maintenance, and able to complete the manufacture and forming of the corrugated combustion chambers of common oil-burning burners.

II. Properties and structure of the product:
1. Major technical parameters and specifications: (Overall dimensions are shown in the outline drawing of the machine)
1.1 Production length 1000~6000mm
1.2 Diameter of work piece 650-1700mm
1.3 Depth of the processed corrugation 38-67mm
1.4 Sheet thickness of the work piece 8-22mm
1.5 Pitch of the corrugation adjustable

2. General description of the product:
The furnace forming machine is composed of driving head, main structure, tail support, fixture push-out device, auxiliary device, burning system and electric control system.

1. Main driving devices (main driving device for processing work pieces)
1.1Main motor (Huada motor, exported model 380V 11kw)
1.2Driving devices (weldments)
1.36 transmission belts (2 are spare parts)
1.4Transmission devices (gear, shaft, belt pulley)
1.5Main shaft
1.6Chuck (clamping the work pieces)
1.7Connecting box body (connecting main structure)
1.8Gear pump (lubricate the parts of driving devices during operating)

2. Main structure
2.1Main structure (weldments)
2.2Moving gear rack

3. Tail support (clamped work piece push-out device, push-out devices during processing)
3.1 Base plate of the tail support
3.2 Moving devices of the tail support
3.2.1 Foundation (weldments)
3.2.2 Moving transmission system (motor, reducer)
3.2.3 Transmission chain 6" double rows, four 6" chain wheels
3.2.4 Moving gear and shaft
3.2.5 Electric controlled tow chain
3.3 Connecting box of the tail support (weldments)
3.4 Push-out devices of the tail support
3.4.1 Foundation (weldments)
3.4.2 Push-out shaft
3.4.3 Push-out driving devices (motor, reduction gearbox, handle wheel etc. )
3.4.4 Transmission chain 6" single row, two 6" chain wheels
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