• Ningbo Valve
    Copper Valve has become almost unique valve type in Ningbo. It occupied the large share in global copper valve market, becoming a shining star of Chinese valve industry. Most of the copper valves are produced in Yuyao where has become a centralized base of brass valve in Ningbo. In the first half of this year, Yuyao brass valve export amounted to 1 billion with the increase of 45.4% compared the same period last year.
  • Shanghai Valve
    Shanghai valve industry originated quite early. Date back to 1950, the valve industry in Shanghai at start of developing, and it is the birthplace of the founder of the early China's valve industry as well. As the result of continuous corporate restructuring and upgrading, Shanghai valve industry has strengthened corporate innovation and accelerated the pace of independent innovation of enterprises. Moreover, it has developed into an important valve industrial manufacturing base, the annual output value of this valve industry approach 60 billion RMB.
  • Suzhou Valve
    Suzhou is the featured valve area in Jiangsu province, enjoy the advantages of good-geomantic, economic liberalization, geographical environment and other favorable conditions. By virtue of half a century's experience, Suzhou has refined the specificity boutique, specialized in technique and the unique skill level with rapid development in recent years. Nowadays, Suzhou has ascended to another large-scaled valve manufacturing base in China.
  • Taizhou Valve
    Yuhuan County is situated in Taizhou, Zhejiang province which is Chinese largest production and export base of middle and low pressure copper valves. According to the related statistics, low pressure valves account for about 50% of the export market, and more than 50% of the domestic market. This kind of valve has covered various markets in China. Yuhuan County was officially awarded the "China Valve City" in July 2003 and established an excellent position in Chinese valves industry.
  • Tianjin Valve
    Tianjin is known as Chinese largest production base of the butterfly valves shared by industry insiders. In terms of price, quality, yield, Tianjin butterfly valves enjoy the highest share in domestic market. Along with Chinese economy continuous developing, Tianjin butterfly valve marketing rate is increasing year by year, the valve quality is advancing rapidly as well.
  • Wenzhou Valve
    The valve industry develops extremely fast in Longwan District, Wenzhou City. Especially in Oubei Town, Yongjia County and Yongqiang Town where is Chinese largest production base and largest export base of the valves. With the Cluster Mode which is particularly owned by Wenzhou City, the distribution of the valve industry chain is extraordinarily mature. In addition to some types of cast iron valves, various types of valves' materials are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other types of special steel.
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