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Assono Croatia Ltd.

Doing business anywhere requires certain minimum logistics often unsuitable for every business model. Assono enables you to run a fully-equipped virtual office abroad, have a local landline phone no. With a secretary answering it, have a business registration address for statutory compliance, receive post and having it forwarded to your e-mailbox and have a local manager handling daily business ... [ Click for Details ]

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Business Type: Service Provider, Government Institution
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Business Scope: Office Supplies, Service
Product Keywords: Handling Document Notarization
Member Since: 2009
Last Visit Date: Oct 05, 2009

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Assono Croatia Ltd.
Company Name: Assono Croatia Ltd.
Company Address: P. Heruca 18, Zagreb, Croatia
Zip/Postal Code:
Contact Person (Department): Mr. G. Manger