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Sms Pariaz Ltd.

We are SMS pariaz ltd, a betting company by SMS with 40000 clients. We intend to give free to each client a basic mobile phone and a SIM with 1000 SMS.

Please propose us a basic phone GSM900 compatible with voice / SMS only and as accessory with only the battery charger. For a start we will order 3000 after a prior testing of 50 units.

We also need 50 units LCD or plasma TV screens above ... [ Click for Details ]

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Business Type: Service Provider, Government Institution
Number of Employees:
Business Scope: Office Supplies, Security & Protection, Computer Products, Consumer Electronics, Textile, Electrical & Electronics, Furniture
Product Keywords: Sports, Betting
Member Since: 2009
Last Visit Date: Jan 10, 2009

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Company Name: Sms Pariaz Ltd.
Company Address: Informatics Park, La Tour Koenig, Port Louis, Mauritius
Zip/Postal Code:
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Lee Shim(Marketing Department)