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Mebelki Dzieciece

I want just start the business of kids furnitures and I need more information from you how much I need to pay for I set of furnitures, if we find the good deal between as I am ready to come and we can start talk and I will take the transport of 1 2 3 4 10 containers.

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Business Type: Other
Number of Employees:
Business Scope: Apparel & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Construction & Decoration, Electrical & Electronics, Furniture, Tools & Hardware, Toys
Product Keywords: Furnitures
Member Since: 2009
Last Visit Date: Dec 21, 2011

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Company Name: Mebelki Dzieciece
Company Address: Cikowice 220, Bochnia, Krakow, Poland, Bochnia, Krakow, Poland
Zip/Postal Code:
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Arthur Grochola