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JUVA Naturals is a wellness company offering all that is natural? Starting with supplements and beauty products. JUVA is short for Juventas, the Greek goddess of youth. The mission of JUVA Naturals is to empower individuals through high-grade supplements, beauty products, knowledge, videos, love, and support to discover the highest possible quality of life.

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Business Type: Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Business Scope: Health & Medicine
Product Keywords: Weight Loss Pills, Dietary Supplements
Member Since: 2015
Last Visit Date: Feb 01, 2015

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Juva Naturals
Company Name: Juva Naturals
Company Address: Los Angeles, Ca, United States, Los Angeles, Ca, United States
Zip/Postal Code: 90069
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Juvanaturals(Sales Department)