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J & B Computers was first licensed as a sole proprietorship in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1991.

The business was started as a part time job doing upgrades and repairs on 386 and 486 class IBM compatible PCs. J & B also turned out 4 to 8 new custom PCs a month.

We now service hardware and software on all classes of AT desktop, workstation, and server PCs. We also configure software and ... [ Click for Details ]

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Business Type: Manufacturer
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Business Scope: Computer Products
Product Keywords: Texas Computer Repair
Member Since: 2008
Last Visit Date: Jan 26, 2008

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J & B Computers
Company Name: J & B Computers
Company Address: 1566 Greenwood Lane, Forestburg, Texas, United States
Zip/Postal Code: 76239
Contact Person (Department): Mr. James R Hathorn(Corporate Department)