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Jelineau Solutions Inc.

We are a small company in Canada who has developed our Own product line. We purchase our components from the East and assemble it from our warehouse to sell to the Canadian market. It is our intent to make relationships with suppliers not based on price but performance and quality.

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Business Type: Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler, Individual User
Number of Employees: 5-50 People
Business Scope: Light Industry & Daily Use, Service, Health & Medicine
Product Keywords: Valve, Voltage Regulator, Case
Member Since: 2010
Last Visit Date: Oct 04, 2018

Contact Details

Company Name: Jelineau Solutions Inc.
Company Address: 1334 Bellsmills Rd., Richibouctou Village, NewBrunswick, Canada
Zip/Postal Code: E4W 1C7
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Edward Jelinek