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Based in Miami, Florida, Kajava Mama is a company devoted to selling high-quality and affordable coffee accessories for coffee drinkers from around the world. The manual pour-over brewing method is the way to brew coffee, and you will get even better results using our Kajava Classic Drippers. They are made of the finest ceramic and are manufactured in China and quality tested in the United States. ... [ Click for Details ]

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Business Type: Retailer
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Business Scope: Agriculture & Food
Product Keywords: Ceramic Coffee Drippers, Coffee Accessories
Member Since: 2019
Last Visit Date: Feb 08, 2020

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Kajava Mama
Company Name: Kajava Mama
Company Address: 13727 Sw 152nd Street #723, Miami, Florida, United States
Zip/Postal Code: 33177
Contact Person (Department): Miss Caroline Frost