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Bhajuratna Engineering & Sales Limited

One of the oldest and largest trading company in Nepal. Having one of the strongest marketing network allover Nepal.

Today, under the leadership of Roop Jyoti and Padma Jyoti, the Jyoti Group of Companies deals in a broad range of products and services that range from core industries such as iron and steel to the export of textile yarn to providing finance and travel related services. From a period of steady expansion into new, nation building industries and ventures, to the consolidation of its present position as the premier indigenous business house of the Kingdom of Nepal, the Jyoti Group has come a long way.

Today the depth and scale of the Jyoti Group of Companies, coupled with its unparalleled experience in Nepal, has endowed it with a solid foundation that enables it to successfully strive for excellence in all spheres of its activities. The organization's dynamism, expertise in its chosen fields, motivated workforce and forward-looking management combined with its distinguished track record, empowers the Jyoti Group of Companies to look towards the future with confidence. As the new century dawns before us, the Jyoti Group once again renews its commitment to the nation and invites its existing and potential partners to join hands with it to move forward into a period of new prosperity.