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Individual User[Mr. Sundeep Kumar Mehta]

LEDTechShop, is a leading energy saving solutions provider. We deal in online supply of a wide range of LED and Solar products having diverse applications in residential lighting, commercial lighting, indoor and outdoor advertisements, and displays and so on. We are an Indian LED lighting supplier who sees the LED as the best replacement for yesterday sources of lights.

LedTechshop is a global organization that ensures the viability of sustainable communities by providing energy saving products and showcasing Innovations, Initiatives and Solutions that are practical and have the potential to mitigate negative consequences of development.

LEDTechShop is also able to design and consult on lighting projects. Our aim is to provide a high quality lighting solutions to our customers, that are guaranteed to last while maintaining cost efficiency and thus generating more value for customers. Our R&D team is constantly working on to provide better, long lasting and eco friendly products for customers.