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Macro Marketing Corporation

"MACRO Group of Companies" is a leading group in Mumbai, India, started in 1991 by Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe. The group is having network in India and other countries.

The Group represents packaging industry, exports, marketing, engineering, corporate services, IT, Technology Transfers, financial services, industrial technology, industrial consultancy, industrial products, plastics products, ... [ Click for Details ]

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Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Trade Agent, Wholesaler, Individual User
Number of Employees:
Business Scope: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Furniture, Industrial Equipment & Components
Product Keywords: Packaging,Laundry,Furniture,Exports,Machines,Engineering,Marketing
Member Since: 2010
Last Visit Date: Aug 25, 2010

Contact Details

Company Name: Macro Marketing Corporation
Company Address: 102, Murlidhar Baldev Estate, Near Vikas Estate, off Aarey Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zip/Postal Code: 400 063
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Hemant Salunkhe