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Pan Arabian Supply Co., (PASCO)

We have the pleasure of writing to you with the aim of introducing our activities for your consideration in our attempts to prequalify our company as approved supplier for your future needs and requirements of general materials and products.

PASCO is an export trade service firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, primarily engaged in the International supply of materials. We specialize in offering a consolidated package of general materials for projects on an FOB port of export and CNF port of import basis.

International sourcing of materials from leading manufacturers and wholesalers in Dubai and Worldwide, allows us to offer a wide selection of products meeting various technical specifications and delivery requirements. We supply materials of manufacturers that operate strict quality control manuals/procedures and whose products conform to relevant international standard. The excellent buying relationships that we established with producers worldwide coupled with our continued search for new sources, secures the best value and quality for our customers at all times. Our ability to provide a consolidated package complemented by our competitive freight arrangement with reliable shipping agencies results in significant cost savings and ensures timely project completion.

We, as purchasing agent, locate needed requirements of materials and products, pricing specifications, and terms of sale, which will be, send to our clients for their approval. We will handle the entire transaction; buying the materials, transportation, documentation, packing and shipping after the purchase is finalized. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and understanding their needs.

Our goal and responsibilities are to provide our clients with high quality service at the most competitive rates which will be a true asset and benefit to the success of their own business. We provide extensive services with one provision in mind: COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

We assure you that you will save good amount of foreign exchange, reduce communication time and cost, as our built-in strength and network worldwide will coordinate all your inquiries. We assure of genuine material supply along with test certificate, warrantee certificate and country of origin certificate plus our value added services.

We hope that our services will be of interest to you and we would be obliged if you register our company in your approved list of suppliers/vendors and consider us for your future inquiries. In case we have to undergo any formalities, please send us the necessary forms/documents to enable us to fill out the same and send them back to you for doing the needful.