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(Sole Trader) Petal'S Of Penwortham

I am a Sole trader of a new small retail business, building up slowly and enjoying the selling of unusual Garden Novelty Ornaments/ Planter's etc, with the Poly Resin products being popular.

As I am operating on a small scale, and requiring only small amounts of Item's I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know if I would be eligible to purchase from you.

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Business Type: Trading Company
Number of Employees: 5-50 People
Business Scope: Arts & Crafts
Product Keywords: Garden Ornaments
Member Since: 2005
Last Visit Date: Mar 10, 2006

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Company Name: (Sole Trader) Petal'S Of Penwortham
Company Address: 5, Stanley Avenue, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Zip/Postal Code: PR1 9RB
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Sales Manage