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Worts Team Doo

Private company, importer and wholesaler for various small electrical appliances for domestic use, also import cookware (pans, cutlery, bakeware, gadgets etc. ). We sell goods mostly to supermarket chains and specialized retail shops, alo export to near countries such as Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro.

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Business Type: Trading Company, Wholesaler
Number of Employees: 5-50 People
Business Scope: Consumer Electronics
Product Keywords: Electric Appliance, Kitchenware
Member Since: 2014
Last Visit Date: Jan 08, 2019

Contact Details

Company Name: Worts Team Doo
Company Address: Becmenskih Ilegalaca 7, Becmen, Serbia, Serbia
Zip/Postal Code: 11279
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Zoran Zoric(Import Department)