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Kollektiv Industries is a private American/Canadian brand looking to expand our clothing line and are in need of manufacturers/exporters of denim jeans, shirts and accessories for our custom designs.

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Business Type: Trading Company, Other
Number of Employees: 5-50 People
Business Scope: Apparel & Accessories, Packaging & Printing
Product Keywords: ice hockey jerseys,vacuum sealed clothing bags,hockey shells,reebok hockey jerseys,silver vacuum sealed clothing bags,ice hockey pant covers,custom packaging tape,custom vacuum sealed clothing bags,bubble envelopes,ice hockey pant
Member Since: 2005
Last Visit Date: Mar 09, 2019

Contact Details

Company Name: Kollektiv Industries
Company Address: 25 Nw 23rd Pl Ste 6 #188, Portland, Oregon, United States
Zip/Postal Code: 97210
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Michka Michon(Design Dept.)