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Hagbes Pvt. Ltd. Co

We are a group of companies engaged in different fields from importation and distribution of various constructions, agricultural and industrial machineries premier quality of household items to human and veterinary drugs and medicine through different and well organized seven companies.

Our group employees over 850 people and we are also the sole distributors and representative for above twenty world-renowned companies in Europe, Asia and America.

The parent company, Hagbes Pvt. Ltd. Co, is one of the leading trading companies in the Ethiopian market engaged in since 1957, the importation and distribution of Industrial, Construction, Transport and Agricultural machineries and accessories, Automotives, all kinds of pipes and steel products, power products, Irrigation equipment, sundry products, plants and machinery on turnkey basis too etc.

Our sister company, Ultimate Motors, apart from importation, is engaged in Buses and trucks body building and manufacturing and constructing different light duty machineries. Our factory, Beza industry, is also involved in the production of milling machinery, scales, mixers, grinding stone etc. Sevita Construction and real estate Company is also another new and growing company.