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Tactical Jack Products are just first class. The Motorola Earpieces talk and listen Earpieces are just what we need on a busy section. We have recently purchased the gel insert s and I have to say this is an excellent bit of kit allowing you to also hear what is going on around you. Loads of my collegues have purchased the equipment bag loads better than the Viper copy! Keep it up Tactical Jack.

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Business Type: Manufacturer & Factory
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Business Scope: Bags, Cases & Boxes
Product Keywords: Earpieces, Police Earpieces, Police Equipment Bags, Police Equipment
Member Since: 2007
Last Visit Date: Sep 02, 2007

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Company Name: Tactical Jack
Company Address: 6 Thorne Farm, Thorne Hill, Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom
Zip/Postal Code: CT12 5DS
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Petra Schofield