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Thomas Keller Trading

The Company was founded 2006. Importing and Selling Goods. Consulting, Sales and Service in Europe.

Located in the eastern part of Switzerland, close to the boarders of Germany and Austria.

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Business Type: Retailer
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Business Scope: Apparel & Accessories, Office Supplies, Construction & Decoration, Service, Consumer Electronics, Electrical & Electronics, Textile, Furniture, Tools & Hardware, Toys
Product Keywords: Consulting
Member Since: 2007
Last Visit Date: Jan 17, 2019

Contact Details

Company Name: Thomas Keller Trading
Company Address: Im Weingarten 1, Oberuzwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Zip/Postal Code: 9242
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Thomas Keller(Management Department)