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Vichit Screen And Footgear Co., Ltd.

we are a company in Thailand. Our company provides on screen materials such as leather and fabric. Made to order Canvas bags, Cotton bags, School bag and footgear. And experience in this business for over 20 years. Leading companies and exporters in Thailand many of our customers. If you are interested or questions please contact me.

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Business Type: Manufacturer
Number of Employees: 5-50 People
Business Scope: Bags, Cases & Boxes
Product Keywords: Bags,Screen,Canvas Bag,Cotton Bag,School Bag,Gift Shop,Bags Reduce Global Warming,Footgear
Member Since: 2010
Last Visit Date: Apr 12, 2010

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Company Name: Vichit Screen And Footgear Co., Ltd.
Company Address: 41/92, Samaedum, Bangkuntaine, Thailand
Zip/Postal Code: 10150
Contact Person (Department): Mr. Chatchaval Phindech