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Introduction of Members on Made-in-China.com

Introduction of Members on Made-in-China.com Why Audited suppliers? So you can be more competitive.
For Suppliers
  • Improve operation efficiency through quality
    management controls
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Meet foreign certification standards
  • Get a fresh perspective on your R&D
  • Produce more competitive products
  • Build trust with potential buyers
For Buyers
  • Find reliable suppliers
  • Save money and time verifying compliance
  • Get accurate third party information on your supplier
  • Reduce risks and increase certainty
  • Increase the speed to market
  • Build trust with potential suppliers

Audit Reports

Audit Reports provide buyers with critical facts regarding the Audited Suppliers' business licenses, certifications, production and quality control systems. Produced by SGS.

Would you like the answers to these questions before signing a contract with your supplier:

1. Is the company a manufacturing company, trading company or both?
2. What Quality Management System does the company use?
3. Does the company have suppliers assessment procedures?
4. What are the company's R&D capabilities?
5. Does the company's have reliable customer service procedures?

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