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Option 1 - Search

Search among millions of products.

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Option 2 - Post Sourcing Request

Quick 3-Minute Buying Requests. The Rewards are as follows:

Up to 20 rapid quotations for just 1 buying request.
Accurate supplier recommendations from our trade service team.
Compare Offers and Request Samples from verified suppliers.

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Screen Results

Option 1 - Filter

Our advanced search function will help you find the right products quickly and easily.
Select Category, Country/Region or Verification Type to filter your search results.

Option 2 - Compare

Contact Suppliers

Option 1 - Receive Latest Price

Option 2 - Use TradeMessenger

TradeMessenger will assist you, while negotiating with suppliers about trading issues.
Chat online any time. For Free!
Use it directly through the supplier's webpage!

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Option 3 - Send an Inquiry

Trade Safely

Option 1 - View Audit Reports

Compare suppliers, to select the best qualified, via their Audit Reports issued by SGS.

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Option 2 - SGS Quality Inspection

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Option 3 - Payment via STS service

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Option 4 - Settle a Trade Dispute

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