How do I submit an IPR complaint?
Dear members,
In order to facilitate you to submit intellectual property right complaints, as well as to understand the process of our complaint handling, we, has launched the online IPR complaint management function. Features are as follows:

Application for complaints:

  • At the foot of home page of, in the section of help, you can click summit a complaint, see below:

  • Virtual Office>>IPR Complaint

After entering, click "create a complaint" on the page "complaint list".

The process of IPR complaint application:

  • Basic information and products

    • There are four types of IPR complaints: Picture Embezzlement; Trademark Infringement; Copyright Infringement; Patent Infringement.

    • There are two ways to submit infringing links: by searching for products to add or by using excel templates.

      Add by searching for products:

      Step 1: enter the product link for searching, or search by product name;
      Step 2: after searching the product, click the "add" button;
      Step 3: click the "Finish" button.

      Add by Excel template:

      Step 1: download the Excel template first;
      Step 2: fill in the content according to the template;

      Step 3: upload the completed Excel file.

      • Only support excel files, Maximum 5M
      • Support up to 800 product links
    • Description: fill in complaint related statements

    • Information of the complainant:

      • The default account contact information is master account, and can be modified directly on this page.
      • If tick "I agree to disclose my name, email and phone number to the supplier", the supplier can see the information, and may directly communicate with the complainant. It defaults to be not ticked.
      • If the complainant is an intellectual property owner, please tick "I am the IPR holder".

      • If the complainant is not the owner of intellectual property rights, the "IPR Holder Information" at the bottom of the page should be completed, including the name of the IPR holder (need to be consistent with the certificate of the IPR holder), identification (Business Registration or ID card ), Business Registration number, attachments and power of attorney.


  • Upload evidence

    • The saved evidence can be selected for submission

    • New evidence can also be selected for submission

      • Valid evidence: single file must be within 5M, supporting doc, docx, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, MSG, JPG, jpeg, GIF, PNG, zip, rar
      • Evidence can be submitted directly in the form of attachment, and complaint of Picture Embezzlement must be uploaded with the original pictures.
      • Attachments of large volume can be sent via email, and email address is

  • Complete submission

    • After submit complaint successfully, the status of the complaint can be viewed in the "My complaint" list;

    • The complainant can operate "Cancel complaint" button.

    • Click the complaint sheet number to view the status of the complaint sheet;

    • If the supplier has already dealt with the infringing information, you can click " Check now" to check whether the products have been removed or do not infringe;

    • If the complainant is satisfied with the result, you can choose "confirm and close the complaint" or "cancel the complaint"; If the complainant is not satisfied with the result of settlement, you can choose "platform arbitration". In the process of platform arbitration, will have dedicated and professional team to view the details of your complaint and take corresponding measures, and the complainant can view the specific result notice.

If you have any other questions, please contact: Email:; TEL:86-25-66677777

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