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On hot sale the size: 35/65-33; 37/25-35.
RADIAL OTR 1400R24 3Star. 1400R25 3Star. 1800R25 2Star. The pattern for the severe grinding condition and low heat build up at high speed.
RADIAL OTR 1600R25 2Star. The pattern for deep tread heavy duty radial construction for container handler applications. Strong resistance to puncture and side wall damage.
RADIAL OTR 1800R25 26.5R25 L5S 2Star. The pattern no grooves or slots to trap rocks or tear chunks of tread rubber. Extended wear: The TSMS+ has a super deep tread that means less ...
RADIAL OTR 20.5R25.23.5R25 29.5R25 2Star. The pattern for super operator comfort
Rubber wheels: 250-4

It is selling very well in Europe countries, central America, South America, Africa, East South Asia, Middle East and Australia countries ect.

All ...
OTR TYRES size: 40.00-57; 3700-57 now are working.
27.00-49; 21.00-35/24.00-35/18.00-33...Are exporting to U. S. A GOODWAY INC.45/65-45; 35/65-33,37.25-35,29.5-29,26.5-25 ect.
On hot sale the pattern L2 14.00-24; 13.00-24
On hot sale the pattern E4C 40.00-57.
The pattern No: DSY93 as following size: 7. 50-20; 8. 3-24; 9. 5-24; 5. 00-12; 6. 00-12; 5. 00-14; 5. 00-16; 550-16. 12. 4-28; 9. 00-16; 4. 00-12; 4. 00-16...
The as following size: 5.00-8; 6.00-9; 6.50-10; 7.00-9; 7.00-12; 8.25-12; 8.25-15; 28x9-15.
The pattern No: DST78 as following size: 8R22.5; 9R22.5; 8.5R17.5; 9.5R17.5; 215/75R17.5; 235/75R17.5; 235/75R17.5; 8R19.5;225/70R19.5; 245/70R19.5; 265/70R19.5.
The pattern No: DST46 As following size: 295/80R22. 5; 11R22. 5; 315/80R22. 5.
The pattern No: DST18 as following size: 12.00R24.
The pattern No: DST16 as following size: 385/65R22. 5; 425/65R22. 5
The pattern No: DST56 As following size: 10R22. 5; 12R22. 5; 295/80R22. 5; 275/70R22. 5; 315/80R22. 5.
The pattern NO: DSR27 as following size: 750R16LT; 8. 25R16LT; 7. 50R20; 8. 25R20; 9. 00R20; 10. 00R20; 11. 00R20; 12. 00R20.
The pattern No: DSR34 as following size: 215/80R16 107S; 215/75R15LT 100/97qQ; 31x10. 50R15LT 109Q.
The pattern No: DSR80 as following size: 145R12LT 80Q; 155R12LT 83Q; 155R12C 83Q.
The pattern no DSR35 As following size: 195R14LT 106/104Q; 195/75R14C 106/104S; 205R14C 105/103Q; 205R14C 109/107Q.
The pattern no: DSR66 As following size: 165/65R13 77s; 175/65R14 82S; 185/65R14 86T/86H; 195/65R15 91H.
The pattern no: DSR69 As following size: 175/80R14 88S/88T; 205/80R14 98S; 165/75R13 81S; 175/75R14 86H; 185/75R14 89H; 195/75R14 92H; 215/75R15 100S/100T/100H; 235/75R15 105S.
The pattern no: DSR72 As following size: 165/80R13 83S; 165/80R13 83T; 154/70R12 69S/69T; 155/70R13 75S/75T; 165/70R13 79S/79T; 165/70R14 81S/81T; 175/70R13 82S/82T; 185/70R13 ...

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