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Welltekindo Nusantara, Pt.

PT Welltekindo Nusantara, provides wireline services downhole and surface data acquisition for the Oil Industry; the company, which has its head office in Jakarta-Indonesia was established in 1990.  Under the command of the founder, Mr. Ermin S. Nasution as CEO, the company has now grown and captured 70% of the wireline market in Indonesia.

The Company's line of services includes wireline units, production loggin tool, production tool,  casedhole logging, wellhead maintenance, gaslift, downhole & surface sampling, early production facility and operation & maintenance for oil & gas production well.  An ISO 9001 manufacturing plant in Bekasi Indonesia, provides the highest quality product to meet it's customers need.

With the ever increasing demand for professional competency and to face the upcoming globalization era, PT Welltekindo Nusantara in collaboration with the Directorate General of Oil & Gas, initiated a Training Center mid year 2001 located at Cibarusah, Serang, West Java.  To date, more than one hundred trainees from the oil and gas and geothermal industry in Indonesia and overseas have attended our Training Center for conventional wireline courses and interactive System 21 courses collaborated with Well Control School in July 2002.  Participants attending these courses are accredited with MIGAS and the internationally recognized IADC certificate.