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Water cooled capacity from 11000 up to 127000 Kcal/HR. Air cooled capacity from 11000 up to 38500 Kcal/HR.
Low noise Type main motor from 2-50HP. M.S.Machine body with 10 years normal guarantee. New designed rotary claw blade.
Economic type main motor from 2-30HP. Cast Iron machine body suitable for granulating of general purpose.
Oil/Water Interchangeable Type Germany-SPECK HIGH TEMP. & High pressure oil pump. Operating up to 180oc with +/- 1oc only.
Mixing capacity: 100 & 200KG. Rotation Direction: Forward or both Forward & Backward also available. S.S.Mixing Tank.
Mixing capacity: 50 & 100KG Rotating Direction: Clockwise S.S.Mixing Tank & Blade for easy cleaning.
Convey Capacity from 350-600KG/HR. Specific MODELS available.
Level pad- Applicable Load from 300 - 2000KG.