Luxecote Controlled Release Fertilizer

Luxecote Controlled Release Fertilizer

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LUXECOTE is a new type controlled release fertilizer developed and patented by the center. Based on a wholly-new concept of coating fertilizer upon fertilizers, the product is manufactured by special process with water soluble urea as nuclei and inorganic nutrients in different solubility as coating layers.

By coating slightly soluble fertilizer upon water soluble fertilizer, the nutrients are released gradually, and no harmful organic polymers remained in soils, friendly to the environment. The Nitrogen Release longevity of 60 days, 90-120 days, 150-180 days and more makes nitrogen nutrients more efficient (10~20 percentage higher than the traditional plication).

LUXECOTE is a whole nutrients fertilizer, N, P, K in every granule and different forms for every nutrient, meeting the need of crops in different growth period. The Mg element in LUXECOTE facilitates the synthesis of chlorophyll and trace-elements can be added into product by need.

LUXECOTE can be made in a wide range of nutrients, available in golf courses, sport grounds, municipal and landscape turfs, gardens, fruits and farm crops, with uniform size, hard particle and good fluidity, suitable to mechanized farmingThe right choice for you and your turf.

Luxecote is a new controlled release fertilizer(crf)developed by zhengzhou university of technology, urea being the nucleus and inorganic nutrients in different solubility being the layer, it is made by coating fertilizers onto fertilizer. It contains no polymer usefulness to plants and is friendly to environment. This technology is a china patent(cn 95109720) and an us patent(appl. No. 08/695, 386) and awarded the 3 rd prize on china invention in 1998.
Lasting and even.

Luxecote adopts unique controlled release technology and release its nutrients continuously and evenly to plants in 90-120 days, which is 10-50% longer than other porducts, it raises n efficiency and makes grass grow steadily.
Cheap& no pollution: Luxecote is the first controlled release fertilizer in low cost and without any polymer in the world. All of its components are necesasary nutrients and benefits environment.

Healthier lawn: Luxecote contains enough citric soluble magnesium necessary to the synthesis of chlorophyll and makes grass healthier without surf-growth
Changeable formula: Luxecote can be made in different formula suitable for golf courses, sports fields, municipal lawns, landscape and what is more, for economy and field crops.

Main specification(n-p2o5-k2o--mgo)
Lux-T1 18-6-12-5+0.2Fe/Lux-T2 20-6-10-5+0.2Fe
Lux-T3 15-7-15-5+0.2Fe/Lux-T4 14-14-14+0.2Fe
(1)size 1.4-3.0/1.0-2.0mm
(2)longevity: 90-120days
Lux-F1 10-20-15+8MgO+0. 2Fe/Lux-F2 10-14-12+5MgO+0.2Fe/Lux-F3 16-8-12+8MgO+0.2Fe/Lux-F4 13-13-13+8MgO+0. 2Fe/Lux-F5 12-8-18+8MgO+0.2Fe
(1)size 1.5-3.5mm
(2)longevity: 150-180days
3)LUXCOTE UF fertilizer Serial
Lux-M1 18-3-18+MgO+Fe/Lux-M2 31-2-10+MgO+Fe
Lux-M3 18-20-5+MgO+Fe
Lux-M4 15-0-25+MgO+Fe
Remark: (1)size 1.0-2.0mm
(2)longevity: 90-120days
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