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Maximum diameter of work: 200mm, 320mm
Module of work: 5mm, 6mm
Teeth number can be chamfered: Above 12
Max. Cutter spindle speed: 2800 or 5000 rmp
Controlled axis: 4 axis
Max. Diameter of workpiece to be cut 200mm
Max. Module of workpiece 4 mm
Min. Module of workpiece 1.5mm

1. Main Usages and Characteristics of Machine
The Bevel Cutter Inspecting Machine is designed to check the axial and radial ...
Sector gear shaping machine KD501 L150*M10
Rack shaping machine Y58125A L1250*M8
Main Specifications of the machine
Maximum diameter of work External 800 mm
Internal 1000 mm
Maximum module of work 12 mm
Maximum face width 170 mm
Normal helical angle of ...
CNC Gear shaping machine YKD5120 φ250*M6
Rolling test of bevel gear pairs is an important operation during the cutting of bevel gears for checking the tooth contact pattern, running noise and engaging backlash and it is ...
1. Machine Description
This machine is designed as a Three-Axes CNC Control Machine and the variable-frequency setting motor is used for main driving motion. The CNC system of ...
1. Main Applications of the Machine
This machine is a CNC Gear Shaper designed mainly for the production of gears used in automobile, tractor, construction machinery, ...

Description of Machine
This machine is designed for cutting straight bevel gears. It is not only suitable for batch production but ...
CNC Spiral bevel gear generator YKD2240 φ400*M12

CNC Spiral bevel gear generator YKD2140 φ400*M10

CNC Spiral bevel gear generator YKD2940 φ400*M10
Spiral bevel gear generator Y2212A φ120*M2.5

Spiral bevel gear generator YT2250 φ500*M10

Spiral bevel gear generator Y2280 φ800*M15

Spiral bevel gear generator Y2250A ...
This machine is designed for mainly sharpening the cutters which are used for cutting the Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears. It is a CNC control semi-automatic Sharpening machine.
Technical Specifications of Machine
Dimensions of work to be cut
Max. Module 15 mm
Max. Pitch cone distance Spiral angle 0 deg. 285 mm
15 deg. 350 mm
30 deg. 350 mm ...
Main Specifications and Parameters
Maximum diameter of work(mm): Exteehal teeth 250, Interal teeth 120+tool diameter
Maximum module of work(mm): 6
Maximum face width(mm): 60 ...
Max. Module 15mm
Max. Pitch cone distance(spiral angle 30·) 420mm
Max. Pitch diameter(spiral angle 30·at ratio 10: 1) 800mm
Main Specifications and Parameters
Max. module of work(mm): 12
Max. diameter of work(mm): 400
Extreme ratio: 10:1
Max. radial setting(mm): 177
Offset of work spindle(mm): ...
Main Specifications and Parameters
Outside Cone Distance: Maximum 250 MM, Minimum 102 MM
Maximum Gear Pitch Diameter(16\"dia.Cutter, 30°Spiral Angle): 500 MM
Maximum Module: ...
Main Specifications and Parameters
Maximum Module: 12 (mm)
Maximum Outer Cone Distance: 250 (mm)
Maximum Diameter: 500 (mm)
Extreme Ratio: 10:1
Root Angle: -8°--90° ...

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