Oil Absorbent Granule

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Oil Absorbent Granule

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The Environmentally Friendly Oil Sorbent Granule

Midwin sorbent granule smelted by natural ore is inorganic, non-toxic, insipidity, non-burn, lab-tested, heat insulation, industrial sorbent that is economical, efficient and environmental friendly. The treatment for sorbent absorbed oil will not bring any pollution.

Midwin sorbent provides superb absorbent solution for land and off shore application and any company who need such service.

The inherent capillary of Midwin sorbent granule provides a powerful adsorption action that absorbs and encapsulates oils, diesel oil, gas, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, carbinol, ethanol, solvents, and all other organic chemicals on contact. It can absorb more than 6 times their weight in oil. And this sorbent can be used on the water surface for its light weight. So when you sprinkle it on the water, it will float freely.

Wait for several minutes in order that the oil can absorb the oil completely. Then uses net with the small mesh or sieve collect them up. For the oil sorbent is granule, it is easy for the collection. But it needs an oil barrier to environ the leaking oil previously in order that the oil does not diffuse. You will find it is a good choice to use such inexpensive and available sorbent to clean up oil spill in the land or sea or to absorb chemical solvent leak out on freeway.

Oil-only, inexpensive, high absorb rate, high absorb velocity, prone to shipment and store, floating on the water despite of absorb oil or not, cost effective.

After work for Midwin sorbent which absorbed oil or chemical liquid is easy doing because the sorbent absorbed oil or chemical will still be solid which is convenient for cleaning up. If absorb cleaning oil, you can reclaim it according to its character. For uncleanness oil, you can use it as fuel but shall ensure it will not take place any pollution to environment. If you face chemical product with toxic, easy explode and volatile, the treatment shall be in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Solid Wastes Pollution to the Environment.
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