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Made-in-China.com was developed by, and is operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. Focus Technology is a pioneer and leader in the field of electronic business in China. Founded in 1996, with the mission of enabling clients to drive cost down and increase sales and profits with effective web-based solutions, Focus Technology has helped many Chinese small-and-medium-sized enterprises compete in international trade, advance into new markets and meet the needs of their clients.

With the continuous and explosive growth of Chinese export, trade and number of internet users, Focus Technology launched its online trade platform, Made-in-China.com. Made-in-China.com provides the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information on Chinese products and Chinese suppliers available anywhere on the web. Nowadays, Made-in-China.com is a world leading B2B portal, specializing in bridging the gap between global buyers and quality Chinese suppliers.

Our Mission:

  • To facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers and Chinese suppliers;
  • To provide accurate and dependable information on Chinese products and suppliers to global buyers;
  • To help buyers and suppliers communicate and do business with each other effectively and efficiently.

Corporate Reviews

  • 2016 March, Made-in-China.com U.S.A. was officially renamed inQbrands, Inc., aiming to make international trade borderless and simple.

    July, Smart Expo service was launched. This service uses VR and 360° panoramic view technologies to show manufacturing conditions and quality of products from Chinese suppliers.

    January to November, Made-in-China.com held 10 Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards World-wide Product Launches across the globe. These product launches help buyers discover Chinese suppliers providing high-quality, innovative products.

  • 2015 May, Made-in-China.com was awarded by CCTV.com the honorable title China Best Cross-Border B2B Website in 2014.

    May, Sino-US Cross-Border Trade Services launched by Made-in-China.com made its debut at 2015 Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit and 2015 Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference. This service brought great changes to foreign trade using the brilliant new idea of Internet+.

  • 2014 July, Focus Imp. & Exp. Services Co., Ltd officially launched a financial service for global buyers which is named " iCredit".

    October, 2014 Annual Selection & Final Assessment Exhibition of The Beauty of Made in China debuted in the Ninth China Industrial Design Week. The Beauty of Made in China contest this year collected more than 3500 participating manufacturers, with an increase of 12.5%.

    April, Focus Imp. & Exp. Services Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Focus Technology, launched an integrated foreign trade services site - Trade Pass and iCredit.

    April, Made-in-China.com won the 2013 China¡¯s B2B Impact Award.

  • 2013 December, Made-in-China.com won "2013 The E-Commerce Platform Of Most Commercial Value".December, "Caring Future"-A volunteer activity, was launched for its fourth year organized, by Focus Technology.Well-wishers donated more than one thousand items, built an outdoor playground and a computer classroom, refurbished the school etc.

    November, Calling Center System was launched by Made-in-China.com.

    August, Combined with gold stream from the First Commercial Bank of Taiwan, TTNET.NET Co., Ltd.First spanned B2B2C and launched "Brand Free, High Quality virtual store".With an online sales system and "BFHQ" marketing channels, www.ttnet.net has become the preeminent helper for virtual stores.

    July, Focus Technology won the award for "Jiangsu E-commerce Model Enterprise". July, TYP (Mobile Version & Pad Version) was developed by Made-in-China.com. Currently TYP has been released on IOS and Android.

    June, Focus Technology and Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion (Group) Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement. We will jointly facilitating the on-line & off-line interaction between global buyers and suppliers, to promote the trade service as well.

    June, Made-in-China.com launched buyer directional development services, to optimize a cross-border purchasing & developing program intended to achieve precise matching, for global buyers and suppliers.

    February, Focus Technology repeated as, "Nanjing Top Ten Employer".

  • 2012 September, The Second Focus Technology Conference was held in Nanjing.

    July, Focus Technology won the, "China's Best Service Management" award.So far, Focus Technology has captured 4 consecutive, China's Best Service related awards.

    April, "The Beauty of Made in China" annual contest, held a news conference in Guangzhou, which was jointly organized by Made-in-China.com and Southern Weekly.

    January, Focus Technology was featured among the "Nanjing Top Ten Employers". March, the "Qinghai Channel" was officially launched; Co-created by Made-in-China.com and Qinghai Commerce Department.

  • 2011 July, Focus Technology, the operator of Made-in-China.com won China's Best Customer service awards "China best after-sales service."

    June, "the focus of vision" and made in China, jointly organized by park operators together "Made in China beauty" contest, a comprehensive display of "Made in China" quality, and promote development in China.

    April, Made-in-China.com spend millions to start a plan" for the photo shoot to create visual products sales force ", by the Chinese manufacturers member companies provide high-quality products for the picture was taken a special fund, to help companies win buyers attention at first time.

    February, Focus Technology, the operator of Made-in-China.com was selected for major support from the Ministry of Commerce as the first "e-commerce business model"; At the same time, Made-in-China.com, the Focus Business School and Ipincai.com started "Eagle Action training" program as human resources solution for training and matching professional staff for foreign trade enterprises.

    January, Made-in-China.com launched "Global Promotion" campaign which was supposed to integrate superior trade show resources of Made-in-China.com for the majority of member companies to provide line exhibition of communication channels, to help member companies to achieve global promotion.

  • 2010 September, Focus Technology Co., Ltd. reached a formal acquisition deal with TTNET.NET Co., Ltd. and began to increase investment on branch office Made-in-China.com in Hong Kong with the purpose to promote business development in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    July, Made-in-China.com repeated as "China's best Customer Service".

    June, Made-in-China.com " Focus Business School " started "658" training project, with 60 million Yuan training funds to spend for the 30 cities, 50,000 member companies, 80,000 foreign elites line training, to enhance the member companies foreign trade strength and ability to resist risks.

  • 2009 July, Made-in-China.com won the "China's Best Customer Service Award" which is the highest award of the 4th China's Best Customer Service Selection.June, Member of Communist Party's Politburo & Vice Premier, State Council ZHANG Dejiang and entourage inspected Made-in-China.com, he showed his affirmation, encouragement and also expectations to Made-in-China.com.

    June, SaaS Product "Leadong.com" which was developed by Made-in-China.com won the "Annual Manufacturing SaaS Products Innovation Award of "2009 SaaS in China -- 3rd China Software Operator Services Assembly".

    June, Made-in-China.com and Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce jointly held the E-commerce "Navigation" Project cooperation memorandum signing ceremony in Chengdu and started Sichuan.Made-in-China.com, which is Made-in-China.com's English version in Sichuan.

    April, Made-in-China.com's online commerce community "Shangjuyuan" began to formally operate, to try and strengthen the communication among the members as well as to encourage each other to progress together.

  • 2008 Made-in-China.com welcomed its 10 Anniversary. With the formally starting of 10 Anniversary totally new edition, 10 new bright spots launched, such as three-dimensional display, on-site video and "Leadong" online software services, which provided more efficient and convenient network trading services.

    Made-in-China.com deeply cooperated with many provincial and municipal governments, together launched "Navigation" project, and started many featured e-commerce platform in different areas, such as Made-in-Jiangsu.com, which offered more showing spaces to regional small-and-medium-sized enterprises.

    In more than 30 cities of China, Made-in-China.com carried out hundreds of e-commerce and trade trainings to 10,000 enterprises to help more small-and-medium-sized enterprises improve their e-commerce application level.

    Made-in-China.com successfully started the monthly magazine "Focus Vision" which offered the members a wealth of information and decision support.

  • 2007 Made-in-China.com fully improved the operation quality and co-operated with SGS as strategical partner, who is the global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services, which made Made-in-China.com as the first B2B website, providing their listed Chinese suppliers with on-site audit service. This service offered wider stage and more powerful support for the excellent Chinese suppliers in order to help them to export all over the world.

  • 2006 With the outstanding performance in foreign trade , dedicated and practical brand image, Made-in-China.com was titled of THE MOST INFLUENTIAL ENTERPRISE UPON CHINA'S FOREIGN TRADE in the 1st China Foreign Trade Annual Meeting, while being awarded THE MOST TRUSTED and THE TOP 100 E-COMMERCE WEBSITES in the 2nd China SMEs' E-Commerce Development Congress.

  • 2004 With many years' experiences, Made-in-China.com's effective visits, registered membership, overseas membership, premium membership and other operative index ranked firstly in the B2B industry.

  • 2002 Premium Membership Service as well as "TopRank", which is considered as Rank Searching Service, was firstly provided by Made-in-China.com in the B2B industry and had been got recognition from Chinese SMEs. We attended both domestic and overseas Trade Shows, co-operated with related trade organizations and institutions in order to help the Chinese suppliers to promote their products all over the world.

  • 2000 We insisted on the professional, dedicated and practical managing ideal in order to make Made-in-China.com as the the best B2B platform, facing global buyers and gathering large numbers of Chinese products.

  • 1998 Made-in-China.com was developed to promote the international trade with effective and reliable internet application service.

  • 1996 Focus Technology Co., Ltd. was founded with the aim of offering the Chinese SMEs for the internet application and other value-added services.