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By Celinelee on Aug 6, 2020
This piece intends to introduce seven ways for you to find potential baby care products and list four potential products for you. With the improvement of living, new father and mother place more importance on choosing baby care products.
By Celinelee on Aug 3, 2020
This product selection guide outlines 10 most popular baby care products, helping buyers and retailers stock items. The following content will help you to become familiar with many popular products that you are able to purchase for your own business.
By Thierry on Jul 31, 2020
The tropical Hainan free trade port will have the highest degree of openness in the world. 32 years ago, Hainan was established by the Chinese government. It was later designated as a special economic zone to attract foreign investments with preferential tax rates. In 1992, Hainan established an economic zone that was to be fully developed by foreign investors. Later on, China took a visa on arrival approach within Hainan to promote the attraction of possibilities for foreign investment. For decades, Hainan has had the foundation of a special economic zone in place. This made it a prime candidate to become a free trade port. In 2018, a pilot free trade zone was established to test the waters to see how a free trade port would operate on the island. 2 years later in 2020, the official master plan was announced to turn Hainan island into a truly open environment at the highest level.
By Celinelee on Jul 20, 2020
This piece will help to guide you to purchase your dream baby products from manufacturers in China. We will begin by explaining the various types of products before going into the demand and the importance of choosing the right manufacturer to meet your requirements.
By Celinelee on Jul 15, 2020
If you're a toy importer, you've probably done your research and have come to realize that toy manufacturers in China offer the ideal mix of quality and cost savings. But there's more that you can do to lower your costs than simply switching your business to a Chinese company.
By Thierry on Jul 14, 2020
Earlier last month, at the beginning of June, Beijing officials unveiled the master plan behind the enormous Hainan free trade port. This incredible engineering feat aims to redesign an entire island into what is known as a free trade port (FTP). Many of these zones exist around the world, however, nothing will be able to compete with the size and scale of what China plans for Hainan. By its completion in 2035, it will be the biggest and most trafficked free trade port in all of Asia.
By Celinelee on Jul 9, 2020
This article will help you find high quality electronics supplier, how to Import OEM and Custom Label Electronic and how to decide who provides your prototype.
By Celinelee on Jul 1, 2020
This article will introduce you to 14 of the finest children's shoes wholesale suppliers China has to offer. We'll also touch on the market generally and the sorts of shoes you can have produced.
By Celinelee on Jun 22, 2020
In this guide, you'll learn what to look for in a lowered MOQ manufacturer China and pick up some negotiation tips that could help you drop your numbers down even further.
By Thierry on Jun 18, 2020
Our world is constantly changing. Technologies rise and fall at the speed of sound. Staying at the forefront of change is not only an option, but it's also a requirement. You must sail the high seas as far as possible. Whether you're purchasing wholesale Chinese products online or building bridges in your city, growth, and development never stops. Here are a few ways technology is changing the world before our eyes.
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