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By Celinelee on Nov 22, 2021
We will begin by explaining what is minimum order quantity, then listing the benefits of knowing how to negotiate, as well as the various stages of negotiation.
By Thierry on Nov 4, 2021
As the world's largest online shopping day, China has found yet another way to dominate the e-commerce landscape. This is your opportunity to take advantage of a moment that can bring both exponential growths for your business and exponential savings as a consumer. Either way, it's a win-win. Check out websites like to find wholesale Chinese suppliers and incredible deals this Double 11 2021.
By Celinelee on Nov 1, 2021
This article will reveal ten tips that you should know about if you are importing products from China. It begins by looking at the reason that so many people choose to do this and how it becomes such a popular option.
By Celinelee on Oct 29, 2021
This piece is to provide you with enough information to calculate your customs or taxes, as well as prepare for any particular instances depending on what product you sell and whether or not taxes apply to these items.
By Celinelee on Oct 19, 2021
This article explains how you can cooperate with an OEM original equipment manufacturer to purchase the most suitable products and make a great investment.
By Celinelee on Oct 9, 2021
Negotiations can be challenging, but learning how to negotiate a lower price when trading is fundamental. No matter which industry you operate in, finding the best price for your item is always the goal, as you want to find a deal that suits both you and the seller.
By Celinelee on Sep 22, 2021
In this article, we will discuss how to negotiate your prices effectively and the steps that you have to take to be prepared for discussions with your suppliers.
By Celinelee on Sep 13, 2021
For those who are interested in entering this unique market and taking part in the option to import shoes from China, this will be your guide.
By Celinelee on Sep 6, 2021
Everybody reading this article will own shoes, demonstrating how popular the market for shoe manufacturers is. This article will take you on a journey to understand the market for shoes, as well as teaching you how to choose the perfect shoes supplier in China.
By Celinelee on Aug 30, 2021
This article will help you to find the best clothing manufacturers in China. It will give you all of the information that you need to understand the market for clothing, beginning by outlining the popularity of clothing and the reasons that it is a great investment.
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