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Promotion Terminology

Also referred to as "adviews" or "exposures." Occurs when an a banner is displayed to a visitor.
CPM (Cost Per Thousand)
A term originating from the offline promotion world. Refers to the total cost of making an a show seen by 1,000 people. On the Web, it could be thought of as the cost for 1,000 impressions / adviews / exposures.
When a visitor clicks her mouse on a banner, she is transferred to the promoter's site. The number of responses to a banner is sometimes refereed to as the number of "clicks."
CTR (Click Through Rate)
The percentage of click throughs to banner views. A 1% CTR means that 1% of each 1000 banner views (or 10 visitors) have clicked through.
Page Views
Also known as "page requests" or "page transfers." Occurs when a Web page is presented to a Website visitor. Home pages generally get many more page views than subpages.
The number of machine requests required to construct a page. For example, a page with eight graphics and text is equivalent to nine hits, eight for graphics, one for text.
ROS(Run of Site)
Refers to displaying a ad throughout a website or a banner network with no targeting by keyword or site category. Run of site promotion costs substantially less than more targeted promotion.
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